Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trouble is A Friend

You know, I used to think that "Trouble is A Friend" is stupid. How come a trouble could turn to be your friend? Trouble is something horrible, bad, evil, and bla-bla-bla. But honestly, I started to think that trouble does a friend.

I know sometimes I have problems with my friends. Like Dwieke, Yunda, Riri, Caca, Vaiga, Thirza, Suci and others. I was really angry and saying bad things to them. Back then I realized it was stupid because it won't change anything.

Now, I have another problems. With my heart, my friends and my life. I was too depressed and always think that I will never pass this test. Once, I listened to Lenka's song, "Trouble is A Friend". I'm learning its title. Trouble is A Friend, what a deep thought. T-R-O-U-B-L-E I-S A F-R-I-E-N-D. Yeah, that's true. That words made me think.

Life would never going on your ways. Problems will come to your life and make some mess. It'll make you think you can clean it even though you can. And when you stares at your problems from the positive side, you'll find out that your problems might help you. For example, reveal the lies of double-faced friends. Trouble won't be your enemy if you can make it become your friend. And if trouble had become a friend of yours, that's mean you've pass the problem. Good luck :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Help, please?

You know, I was kinda freaking out when I knew peoples that I'll compete. Bina Mulia's, Gembala Baik's, Petrus', and the other school that have great-talented-students-in-drawing. Me? Well, maybe I'm nothing for them. But I really want to make my Mom's proud.
God, please help me trough this drawing competition. Wish me the best of luck, guys!
Sincerely yours,
Icha :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Biology Oral Test: 2 HOURS HELL

Okay, let me tell you something.


Aaaahhhh!! Let me scream!!(Though I know I can't) Uhuhu :'( Wish me luck! Love ya Bunnies :3

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tiny Chat-ing With Hany

These are the pictures when me and Hany web cam-ing on Tiny Chat before the Yuck Incident.

Funny? Haha. Hany brought her cat, I brought my brother :p

Stop Your Fake Promises

I was chatting with Hany when I decided to find new friends on Tiny Chat. I met some handsome boy and cute girls (y). Unfortunately, I'm web cam-ing with someone who just.... YUCK! Okay okay don't remember it-_- So here is the story after the YUCK-IEST video call ever:

The blackout is happening for, maybe, around 30 minutes (I can't online!!). When the blackout is over, I'm online. Suddenly, Dizzy greet me on MSN. I reply it though I don't want to. Then she started asking me about BlaBla and BlaBla again and BlaBla again but few minutes later we talked about Justin Bieber. HAHA thanks God she stop talking about BlaBla. Later, she want me to follow her on Twitter so I am. She said that she'll follow me back but NO! I have no new follower(s)! Huft, this is kinda sucks. I'll unfollow her if she's not follow me back. Whatever.

P.S: BlaBla and Dizzy are just silly name to disguise them ;)

My Habits

Wanna know my habits (both of bad and good :p)? Okay check this out~

  1. If I slept too late, I'll get stomachache-sneezing-dizzy and stuffs like that.
  2. Every night from Sunday 'till Friday I'm always studying, though I just read the text but not understanding it.
  3. Maybe I could not laugh for a second but I cannot stop joking.
  4. I can't stop eating. Once I didn't eat anything for 3 hours and in the next recess I ate double size-_-
  5. I can't angry with someone more than 15 minutes  EXCEPT that person is TOTALLY MEAN.
Enough? I hope so, hehe ;) Wanna know me more? Just ask okay?